VapirRise 2.0 Vaporizer is here, a great desktop made even better

Damon IOct 22, '14

The VapirRise 2.0 is here.

In May 2013, Vapir released their first serious desktop vaporizer.

Right out of the box, V1.0 offered top quality materials, easy to use controls, balloon filling with on/off control, 4 person direct flow adapter and full temperature / fan speed control. Everything you could possibly want from a desktop vaporizer at a price most people can afford.  We were beyond happy with the Rise 1.0 and so were our clients. As word of mouth spread, more and more people made the VapirRise their choice for desktop vaporizers.

Fast forward to October 2014, the Rise 2.0 is released. The VapirRise 2.0 comes with a 2 year warranty standard, that's a nice upgrade over the 1 year. The other goal of this release was to accommodate a minority of users that wanted even more from the Rise, despite it offering more than virtually all other units on the market. The Rise was already a great desktop vaporizer, now it offers everything. NOW INCLUDED, quiet no fan mode for direct flow use and higher maximum temperature (215C).

These are great features to offer, especially the ability to turn off the fan for when clients want silence. If you don't require silence, we recommend clients keep the fan on whenever possible for improved air flow.

We recommend a max temp of 180C for every day use on the Rise 2.0. The vast majority of clients will not need higher than that and will get maximum vaporization while using that temp. For those few that need higher, you can now go all the way up to 215C for high temp use. Keeping in mind that the Rise does run hot, 215C on the Rise 2.0 is HOT. We just ask our clients to remember that higher temps are not better if unnecessary, they are worse for your lungs and can get you closer to combustion. When using the Rise 2.0, please use 180C or lower, if you find your specific plant needs a higher temp, then turn it up.

We already highly recommended the VapirRise 1.0, now its even better.
A truly awesome desktop vaporizer that offers everything at a price you can afford.



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