VapirRise Vaporizer 2.0 Ultimate Desktop Bag & Direct Flow (taxes extra)

Vapir (Air-2)

VapirRise 2.0


Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer in stock
Only $97.49 plus tax with 60 day warranty

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We have used the Vapir Rise, it truly delivers.
A good looking high end vaporizer at a mid range price.
Great bag system, top notch direct flow, we love it.

Vapir set their sights on developing a next generation home based vaporization system. The Vapirrise is a culmination of exhaustive research and development closely linked with customer feedback. by meddling customer suggestions with cutting edge technology the Vapirrise has more features than any other home based vaporizer system at a fraction of the cost!

We recommend a max temp of 180C for every day use on the Rise 2.0. The vast majority of users will not need higher than that and will get maximum vaporization while using that temp.

    Fanless mode (complete silence, no fan lots of vapor)
    Increased Maximum temperature 420F (215C)
    2 Year Warranty Standard
    exclusive! four person direct flow multi-user adapter (now included, $29 value)
    precise touch pad control system
    featured in both Celsius & Fahrenheit
    quickly heats up in less than one minute
    fully functional with botanicals
    “set the mood” with included aromatherapy oil chamber
    ceramic heating element provides pure and fresh vapor
    hepa air filter assures clean air is used to create pure vapor
    whisper quiet mechanism allows for tranquil vapor session and balloon inflation
    stainless steel vapor path ensures pure flavor
    more features & functionality than any other comparable vaporizer
    digital display provides accurate temperature for maximum efficiency
    effortlessly vaporize with your choice of direct inhalation or balloon inflation

included in the kit:
    1 vapirrise vaporizer
    1 power cord
    1 botanical chamber
    1 aromatherapy chamber
    1 chamber adapter (including plunger)
    1 balloon adapter
    1 inhalation adapter
    1 hot chamber grabber
    3 inflation balloons
    1 balloon clamp
    1 hepa air filter preinstalled
    2 silicon tube (3.25 ft)
    2 x-tip clear mouthpieces
    1 user guide
    1 quick-start guide

The VapirRise is a truly excellent desktop and we highly recommend it. To ensure your satisfaction, the VapirRise is included in our exchange program. If you don't agree that its an amazing desktop vaporizer, we will take it back and give you full credit towards another vaporizer. You can't lose.

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