Choosing the right vaporization temperature

Damon IJul 26, '14

One of the most important parts to vaporization is using the right temperature.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there making it a bit more difficult for clients.

Here are some key points that you may not know:
1. There is no "sweet" spot temperature that just works across the board.
2. Every unit is slightly different making their ideal temperatures different from another vaporizer
3. Different plants/oils/herbs require different temperatures

The most important factor in what temperature you use is what plant or oil you are using. Some plants like peppermint require a lower temperature while other plants require a high temperature.

ALL plants and oils that vaporize at lower temperatures will vaporizer at a higher temp. Its the higher temp plants that won't vaporize at lower temperatures. So based on that, we are going to teach you how to find the right high temp and then you can turn it down as needed.

The GOAL to vaporization is to find the lowest possible temperature for the plant you are using that still extracts ALL the active ingredient / vapor while still being as far from combustion as possible. Going right near the max temp and having it taste a bit like popcorn is NOT what you want to do. You want smooth tasty vapor, no combustion tastes what so ever. If it feels or tastes too hot, it probably is, turn it down. Keep turning it down until its just pure vapor, smooth and tasty. Once you reach the point where if you turn it down, you get less vapor, you have found your ideal temperature.

Based on our testing, we can recommend the ideal high temperature points for our major vaporizers:
Arizer Solo: Setting 4 (5 MAX)
Extreme Q: 195 Celsius (205 Celsius MAX)
PUFFiT: Setting 6 (do not go higher)
Pinnacle Pro: Setting 1 (2 MAX)
Vapir NO2: 175 Celsius (185 Celsius MAX)
VapirRise: 185 Celsius (190 Celsius MAX, certain oils may need higher)
Volcano Classic: 6 Setting (6.5 MAX)

Remember, the above are for high temp plants and oils.
If you are using a lower temp plant, turn it down.

Websites that are recommending higher than the above have not used the units enough or don't get it. For portable vaporizers, the hotter it needs to go, the more battery you use up to get to that higher temperature and stay there. The hotter, the worse it is for your lungs, we have found you do not need higher than the above recommendations.

Why do manufacturers allow the units to go higher than is needed? Some people like an extra burst of heat at some point during their vapor session. We don't overly recommend using extra high temps for an extra burst of heat but some clients like it. There are a couple of plants out there that require near combustion temperatures to vaporize but the vast majority of plants/oils vaporize at our recommended temps or lower.

The cooler the vapor and the farther you are from combustion, the better.
Remember, its all about your health, the more pure the vapor the happier your lungs are.

Thanks for reading.

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