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One of the original Canadian vaporizer companies. Specializing in high quality ceramic, steel and glass vaporizers.

Solo III, aka Solo 3 - The latest vaporizer from Arizer, a big upgrade over the Solo 2 series. A beast unit with a very powerful heater and really fast heat up time. Bigger chamber, bigger bowls, bigger vapor. Everything about the Solo 3 is an upgrade including a new menu and the ability to choose between session and on demand. 

Solo II MAX - Everything you like about the Solo II with some MAXed out features. The Solo 2 Max is a great choice for a high end portable vaporizer.

XQ2 Desktop - The latest addition to the Arizer family. everything you loved about the Extreme Q but better. Cosmetic upgrade, better menu, more accurate temp control, improved bag system, multi color LED system and more.

Air MAX Portable - The sequel to the Air II, taking the Air to the MAX. Featuring upgraded custom session settings, automatic screen inversion, dark mode, rapit heating technology, fast USB-C charging and a higher capacity 26650 Lithium-Ion battery. The Air Max offers a compact vaporizer with big features and long lasting battery.

ArGo Portable - Also known as the Arizer Go, the newest addition to the Arizer Family. Arizer's first unit where the tube is held inside the unit. For those people that didn't want their glass tube sticking out of their unit, the ArGo is made for you. Ultra compact design, full digital controls, swappable batteries, good vapor. 
Extreme Q Desktop - The king of affordable fully featured vaporizers: built in fan, bag or whip, ceramic and glass, digital display, full menu, remote control and more.If you want to inflate balloons or have fan assisted direct flow (aka whip), the Extreme Q is the one to get.

Solo II Portable - everything you loved about the Solo V1 but better. Digital temp controls, improved air flow, better vapor, even longer lasting battery. A worthy sequel for one of the best selling portable vaporizers of all time. Highly recommended.

V-Tower Desktop - The Original Arizer Desktop Whip Vaporizer. Digital controls, solid design, good vapor - a really good choice for anyone looking for a value desktop vaporizer.
Air SE Portable  - A value option for those that really liked the Air V1 but don't need the power or have the money for the Air Max. Every basic feature you want at a price you can afford. 

Solo V1 Portable - the original Arizer portable. Ultra solid design, affordable, reliable, long battery, good vapor. Replaced by the Solo II and Solo II MAX

Air II Portable - An Air V1 with Digital Temp Controls, better vapor and a slightly longer lasting battery.
We carry all parts for the Arizer Family of Vaporizers. Including screens, bags, tubes, glass tubes, elbows, bowls, mouthpieces, batteries and more!

We offer direct warranty service on Arizer vaporizers purchased directly from us.