How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Damon ISep 17, '22

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

With its legalization in Canada, many people are looking for the best way to enjoy cannabis. The use of vaporizers is on the rise, they offer a cleaner and more efficient way to use cannabis. This can be especially important if you are using it for medicinal purposes. Some vaping devices use oils and concentrates, while other vaporizers use dry herbs and some can use both.

What are Dry Herb Vaporizers?

A dry herb vaporizer heats dried plant material inside its heating chamber to the ideal temperature to release vapor, not smoke, so a good vape device will heat more precisely to the desired temperature.

Many prefer vaping cannabis to eating or smoking cannabis. A vaporizer can also be used for a variety of herbs like mints, valerian or lavender. 

Types of Dry Herb Vape Pens and Desktop Vapes

Most dry herb vaporizers are portable but there are also larger desktop vaporizers with attachments for sharing. Portables can range from small compact pen size up to larger hand held full vapor dry herb vaporizers.

A conduction vaporizer heats cannabis or herbs through direct contact with heating elements over the course of a session. Conduction vaporizers are cheap and easy, but do continue to bake the material when you are not actively using the vape, which can impact the taste and use up material faster.

A convection vaporizer uses convection heating, unsurprisingly, and separates the heat source from the herb chamber. Heating the herbs when you inhale or when a fan blows hot air on them. Fans are mostly used to fill up bags / balloons but they can also be used to assist direct inhalation. Convection vaporizers are efficient and produce the best vapor, they can also be a bit larger in size and can be more expensive.

Hybrid vapes are combination versions that preheat the material slightly, then heat to a higher temperature as you draw vapor.

Why Should I Try Dry Herb Vaping?

Using a dry herb vape is convenient and effective! You can easily fit dry herb portable vaporizers in a pocket or purse.

Many portables also now offer pack and go solutions: Tubes or capsules that you can fill up at home and then just load when ready.

With advanced heating technology vaporizers offer clean and flavorful vapor. 

Combustion from traditional smoking methods destroys some of the herb and creates harsh bi-products and carcinogenic compounds. Vaporizing releases the desirable, active compounds without creating smoke and other byproducts. This means you get more of the active ingredients. Vaporizing uses material more efficiently, so you use less, saving vaping enthusiasts more money.

How Do I Start?

Grinding for Dry Herb Vapes

Get a good grinder. Use dry herbs or dried cannabis flower buds only to grind. Start with a medium grind, and gradually adjust to finer or coarser grinds for your specific vape. A convection vape usually requires a coarser grind; conduction vapes work better with more finely-ground cannabis.

Start Vaping!

Most vaporizers need charging and turn on the same way, yours will have its own instructions. Add to the vape chamber - not packed in too tightly or it causes uneven heating and wont vape properly. Most vaporizers can adjust temperature, so you can try what works best for you for vapor production and smoothness. Heat up the vaporizer, starting at a lower temperature is recommended then increasing it over time until you find the sweet spot for the best vaping experience. Start with small, slow pulls, or hits, at first. You can also use a light to help visually see the vapor.

Clean Up

Always clean after vaping sessions with your poker and brush, to clean out the chamber. Use a cotton swab with alcohol to clean the mouthpiece. One of the easiest ways to deep clean it after a few sessions is to soak all non-plastic parts in isopropyl alcohol overnight, so you don't have deposits and residue that can damage your vape, ruin the taste or quality of your future vapor, and is generally just dirty.

Where to Get your Dry Herb Vaporizer?

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We specialize in portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers, we can help you get the right one for your needs.

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