What To Look For In A Vaporizer

What To Look For In A Vaporizer

Todd FosterJul 12, '22

If you've just recently come into the world of vaporizers, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of options you have to choose from.

To help ease you into vaporizers and help you narrow down your pick, we've created this vape buying guide that will break down some of the main qualities you should look for and consider when choosing a vaporizer.

What Is Vaporizing?

Vaporizing is a relatively new and less damaging alternative to smoking. When you smoke a regular cigarette, you are not only inhaling the herbs, but also the harmful toxins that can lead to illnesses and health issues.

A vaporizer has a temperature control that cooks, rather than burns, these herbs. The result is essential oils being released without as many harmful fumes.

Care and your personal health should always be a priority when using a vaporizer as they do not necessarily eliminate all the harmful toxins found in the dry herbs. If you do take up vaping, you should do so at your own risk.

4 Things To Look For


One of the first qualities you should consider when buying a vaporizer is the price. When you buy a new vaporizer, we recommend that you have a budget in mind. Vape pens can vary dramatically in price, with the more inexpensive models starting at around $50 and the high-end vaporizers reaching up to $500.

If you're still new to vape pens, there's nothing wrong with sticking with the cheap vaporizers, especially if you are unsure as to whether you will stick with it or not. Regardless of what type of vape pen you buy, you want to make sure that it is safe and legitimate.

Portability, Battery, and Size

The next thing you should consider is its portability and size. This quality will ultimately depend on your preferences and lifestyle. If you want to bring your vape pen on the go, you'd probably prefer a smaller, portable vaporizer. As well, portable vapes with rechargeable batteries and great battery life would likely be the best option for someone who uses their pen frequently throughout the day.

Desktop Vaporizer

On the other side, there are desktop vaporizers for people who generally vape at home. Desktop units often require a wall outlet or power source and are much larger, making them less portable.

Small, portable vaporizers are often recommended over desktop vapes for new users as they can be cheaper and don't require a large setup.

Design and Style

Vape pens and dry herb vaporizers come in many different designs and styles. Along with various sizes and setups, there are different designs (often to do with the draw method) of vapes.

Draw Methods

The draw method can make or break your vaping experience as some require a bit more skill and aren't recommended for new users. For example, a direct draw vape pen requires a consistent inhalation and can be a bit more difficult to master. On the other hand, other vaporizers that use a balloon-style method are easier to use but are more expensive and less portable.

If you want to start vaping, we recommend that you find a method and design of a portable vape pen that works best for you.

Temperature Settings and Heating Method

One of the most important factors and mechanics in a vape is the temperature controls. Being able to have full control of the temperature as you heat the dry herbs is important to your overall experience with vaping.

Heat Controls

There are two main types of full temperature control designs: digital and dials. These can be used on certain vaporizers to heat the herbs at different temperatures.

As we've said above, the heating method and heating process are important when it comes to using a dry herb vaporizer as you do not want to burn the herbs at higher temperatures and create a harsher vapor.

Convection Heating Vs. Conduction Heating

There are two main types of heating methods that exist: convection and conduction. While conduction means that the dry herb in the vaporizer is in direct contact with the heating element, a convection heater works by circulating the hot air and gradually heating the dry herb.

Start Your Vape Journey Today

There are several other criteria that you can take into consideration when looking for a vape. Our catalog of vapes, wax pens, and other materials is a great first step in your vape journey.

Be sure to browse our collection and review your area's local laws and get started today!

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