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Damon IOct 28, '22

Desktop Vaporizers

Are you looking for the perfect vape to enjoy in the comfort of your own home? A desktop vaporizer is the “cream of the crop” when it comes to getting the best hits and flavor. They are the most advanced and sophisticated vaporizers that produce the biggest clouds and the cleanest vapor quality. They’re also incredibly fast, thanks to the powerful heating elements and precise temperature controls built within each device.

Big & Powerful

If you’re eager to produce big, powerful clouds of vapor that are potent and clean, then a desktop vaporizer is the right choice. Compared to a 2000 mAh battery, these desktops use A/C power to help your heater reach higher temperatures quickly, vaporizing your dry herbs with ease.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about extra hot vapor no matter whether you use a direct draw or whip-style vaporizer; the large size of the direct draw vapes and the extended whip provides plenty of room for the hot air to cool before it reaches your lips.

Perfect for Long Sessions

A tabletop vaporizer is the way to go for those who enjoy long vaping sessions. Desktop vaporizers use convection heating that only heats the herb once you draw, so you don’t waste any of it in between hits. The bowls are also bigger and can hold more herbs so you don’t have to refill them as often. If group vaping is your thing, balloon-style vaporizers like the Volcano are big enough to enjoy long sessions with all of your friends.

Plenty Of Features To Choose From 

You get more choices between features when choosing a desktop vaporizer over a portable vaporizer. Some devices come with detachable balloon bags that allow you to create massive clouds. Others have water-cooling features for a bong-like experience in a vape. Some vapes are even equipped with wax, concentrate, and essential oils compatibility. Others have remote control capabilities. Whatever style and type you’re looking for, has it in store for you!

The Best Desktop Vaporizers at Affordable Prices

At, we sell the top-rated desktop vaporizers from leading brands. Just browse through our selection below to find a desktop unit that matches your wants and needs!

The Arizer Extreme Q is a classic desktop that builds upon the v-tower by offers affordability, build quality and versatility. The Arizer XQ2 builds on the preexisting model, the Arizer V Tower, to offer many ways to vape—whip and balloons included. The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is a powerful device with a rapid heating chamber. It offers everything you need and more in one device. We also carry the next evolution of direct flow vaporizers like the Dr. Dabber Switch dab rig that’s all glass, ultra-efficient, and produces huge vapor clouds–it’s a vapor enthusiast’s dream.

Whether you are looking for a functional dry herb unit or an E-rig with futuristic features, we have the vape you need.

Support Whenever You Need It

When you need honest advice that’s tailored to your needs, our team delivers. We offer the support to help you get the best vaping experience! We will answer all your questions and help find the exact vaporizer you’re looking for! And don't forget, free shipping is available on sales over $100. 

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