510 vs Pax Era or Dry Herbs

510 vs Pax Era or Dry Herbs

Damon IJul 9, '21
Cannabis concentrates and oils are here to stay.

510 Batteries:
There are a few easy legal ways to use oils and concentrates, the most popular is the 510 battery and 510 cartridge. The batteries come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, capacity and features.

Most have the cartridges screw on to the top, you push a button and you inhale. Super simple, very portable and ultra quick.

Higher end 510 batteries include a magnet that you attach your 510 catridge to which then easily inserts in the battery. Then using draw activation, you simply inhale and you get vapor, that easy.

For save time on the go at a reasonable price, the 510 fully delivers. The only downsides are the fact that it is harsher and not as pleasant an experience as dry herbs. Your lungs will feel it more if you use it more.

Our preferred 510s:
Tronian Tautron
Tronian Pitron
Honeystick Beemaster 510
Ryot Verb 510

Pax Era Pro Vaporizer:
Pax is the concentrate competitor to the 510. With 510, you have a bunch of different manufacturers making different batteries. Pax makes the Era and then you buy the Pax Era cartridges. That keeps things simple but also limits variety. That being said, the Pax Era is a very good experience. Simply put on the cartridge and inhale, it is that easy. The vapor is smooth, better than the 510. You also get USB-C charging and an app. The only downside to the Pax Era and cartridges is price.

A simple conclusion:
If budget is not a concern, the pax is a better unit and system.
If you rather save money, go 510, easy and affordable.

Herbal Vaporizers:
That being said, we do find dry herbs a better choice overall if time saving is not the top priority. Dry herb vapor from a proper herbal vaporizer is a smoother more natural vapor than a concentrate from a cartridge. The vapor is not as dense and you get the active ingredient over a longer period of time. This is better for you and your lungs, all you lose is time. There is definitely moments where fast concentrates are the best choice. For when there is time to relax, we always recommend dry herbs as your first choice.