Utillian 420 Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Utillian 420 phased out. We recommend the Utillian 421, click here to check out the listing.

We also recommend the Cloudious Atomic9,
Reasonably priced, produces good vapor, and easy to use.

The Utillian 420 is the perfect vaporizer for those on a budget. It is affordable, reliable, and has everything you need to have a great session. You do not have to worry about sacrificing quality for cost when you choose the Utillian 420!
The Utillian 420 offers simple and straightforward use. Just turn it on and select one of the 4 pre-set temperatures. The ceramic heating chamber heats up in 20 seconds, vaporizing dry herbs quickly and easily. When it is up to temperature, take a draw from the glass mouthpiece and enjoy your delicious vapor.
Depending on your use, you can expect to use your vape several times before charging it. The Utillian 420 has a 1-hour battery life, lasting long enough for a few extended session or many short ones. When it comes time to charge, it is fast and easy. Just plug your USB charger into your computer or use an adapter to plug it into an outlet.

The Utillian 420 Portable Vaporizer promises the best budget vaporizer experience.

Product Features:

  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Digital display
  • Compact design
  • 1-hour battery life
  • 20-second heat time
  • Conduction heating
  • 4 pre-set temperatures: 190C, 200C, 210C, 220C
  • 1-year direct warranty
  • Anodized aluminum shell
  • Ceramic heating chamber

Included in the Box:

  • Utillian 420
  • Mouthpiece Heat Shield
  • Packing Tool
  • Screens
  • USB Cable