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Home Arizer Portable Vaporizers
All the Arizer portables in one place.

The Solo V1, Solo II, ArGo, Air II and Air MAX portable vaporizers.

Air MAX Portable - The sequel to the Air II, taking the Air to the MAX. Featuring upgraded custom session settings, automatic screen inversion, dark mode, rapit heating technology, fast USB-C charging and a higher capacity 26650 Lithium-Ion battery. The Air Max offers a compact vaporizer with big features and long lasting battery.

Solo II Portable - everything you loved about the Solo V1 but better. Digital temp controls, improved air flow, better vapor, even longer lasting battery. A worthy sequel for one of the best selling portable vaporizers of all time. Highly recommended.

Solo V1 Portable - the original Arizer portable. Ultra solid design, affordable, reliable, long battery, good vapor, 2 year warranty - you can't go wrong.

Air II Portable - An Air V1 with Digital Temp Controls, better vapor and a slightly longer lasting battery.