Basic Vaporizer tips for use and cleaning

Damon IDec 19, '13

Every vaporizer needs basic tips for use and cleaning.
This guide is purely to give some general info to help people have a better vapor experience.

Tips to know before using any vaporizer:
1. Read your manual, a given but seriously, you’re inhaling from this device, take a few minutes.
2. Do a burn in of at least 20 minutes on any vaporizer before inhaling.
3. For plant material, use a grinder, for essential oils, start with only a couple drops, add more if needed
4. Keep your vaporizer clean, a clean vaporizer is an efficient vaporizer.

For cleaning, its especially important to always clean the part that holds your plants or oils.
- Screens are the most common way to separate plants from a heat source. You should scrape your screens after every use and soak them in cleaner as needed.
- Use Brushes and cleaning sticks after every use, even if its just quick.
- Liquid pads, most oils dissipate, for any form of build up you will need to soak them in cleaner
- Eventually, screens or pads need replacing, if you ever feel that your vaporizer isn’t as efficient even after a cleaning, time to replace.
5. Use a surge protector, whether you are using a plug in vaporizer or charging a portable, protect your unit
6. Find the right temperature for whatever plant or oil you are using:
This one is surprisingly easy, you don’t even need to do a internet search. Every plant or oil when heating, has a temperature range where it will release vapor, its essence. And vaporizers with digital temperature control can be off their display. So you could look up your plant or oil and enter the number in, that is a great start. Then I want you to use the control to figure out what’s the actual best temperature.
- Our recommendation, start at 200 degrees Celsius, that is a temperature that will vaporizer 98% of all plants and oils. Wait until you have vapor and then you can turn it down 10 degrees. Let it sit there for a bit and make sure you still get vapor. Keep moving down in 5 degree increments until you stop getting vapor or the vapor is weak, then turn up a bit. 
- Keeping in mind that you might need to replace the plant material or add more oils. You don’t want to confuse having used up your oil and using too low a temperature.
7. Using the lowest temperature possible while still extracting all vapor as possible is the ideal temperature. Once you find that temperature, remember it and use it. Lower temperatures are better for your lungs and easier on the vaporizer.

If you bought a vaporizer from us and need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading.

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