Super Surfer Vaporizer v2 by 7th Floor (taxes extra)

7th Floor


The Super Surfer v2 brings 7th Floor back to its roots, and moves the temperature knob back to the front of the vaporizer.
Instead of a button that switches through the LED modes, we've replaced it with a knob that can easily go back and forth between colors, and click to turn on/off. We've also reworked the LEDs to 13 different modes, 7 of which are single color, 3 blending between colors, and 3 fading in and out between colors. The modes that transition between colors work on 5, 10, and 30 second intervals!
7th Floor has replaced the heater stand base with one that allows for more air flow. This gives you a much stronger fan experience with the same quiet fan you've come to know and love.

- A variable speed forced-air fan for those with weaker lungs or for filling up bags that can be easily passed around or used on the go
- Comes with a uniquely designed glass, silicone, and titanium valve system to close your vapor bag off and prevent leakage
- Fitted with a 7-color LED system with 3 modes: Single Color, Fade-In-Out (3 speeds), and Fade-Between (3 speeds)
- Fan and LED system have individual rotating knobs. LEDs can be switched on/off by pressing the knob down, and changes by turning the knob.

Included in the kit:

- Super Surfer Vaporizer with Spherical Ground Glass Heater Cover and Whip Assembly (Mouthpiece, Wand, 3-ft of tubing)
- Complete Vapor Bag Assembly with Sick Clips (5 glass pieces and 2 clips)
- Roll of food grade plastic Vapor Bags
- Glass Aroma Top with wax melt sample
- Replacement Screens
- Stainless Steel Pick
- Hands Free Attachment
- Ceramic FlavorDisc
Why else should you choose a Super Surfer?
Glass-On-Glass design produces pure, great tasting flavor
Ceramic heating element provides evenly distributed convective heat, reducing the risk of combustion
Angle of the heater-cover to wand connection prevents flower from falling into the element
Ships in a high quality hemp and polyester padded bag with pockets for all components
Diffuse your favorite essential oils or wax melts
Designed, assembled, and tested in Colorado, USA