Sidekick V2 Portable Vaporizer by 7th Floor (taxes extra)

Why choose a Sidekick V2?

    Stir Tool Built-In
        Conveniently stir your bowl without taking off the lid.  
        Keeps the herb from cooking too much on the outside and not on the inside

    Super Cool Hits
        11 inches of air travel built into the vortex cooler
        Combined air path of 16 inches making the SideKick the coolest portable hit on the market

    Digital Control
        Provides the visual for 21 precise heat settings
        Battery life and run time

    Replaceable Battery
        Sidekick V2 Vaporizer uses 1 18650 flat top battery
        Get more batteries to keep the Sidekick running for hours
        Batteries eventually will always fail, so the weak point is removed
        Comes with a charger able to charge 2 batteries at one time, as well as a USB port so you can charge your phone at the same time

    Large Ceramic Heater
        Long life with the heating element protected from oxygen degradation
        Holds approx. 1/4 gram

    Glass Mouthpiece
        American hand-blown glass mouthpiece
        Lovely feel when putting to your lips over a plastic mouthpiece

    Ergonomically Designed
        Fits perfectly in both your right or left hand
        Designed to stir the bowl with your thumb or finger

    Super Easy To Clean
        Easily disassemble the unit for easy cleaning
        Stainless steel air path tubes are removable for cleaning

    A Full Kit
        With unit, battery, cleaning kit, storage bag and the ability to work with dry herbs. 

Vortex Cooling
    Extends vapor path by 11" making the total path 16"
    Can be chilled in the freezer for extra vapor cooling
    Acts as a secondary filter and cleaner


- Stir your bowl while you vape to keep the flavor amazingly tasty
- Vortex cooling chamber
- Digital temp. control to dial in the preferred vape temperature perfect for you
- Replaceable and rechargeable batteries so you can always be ready!
- Ceramic heater to give you a long heater life
- American hand-blown glass made by inhouse Elev8 blowers
- Super easy-clean design to make your life easier

Kit Includes:
    Sidekick V2 Portable Vaporizer with Stir Mechanism and Vortex Cooler
    Hand-made Glass Mouthpiece
    1 Rechargeable 18650 Batteries (with an external charger, storage caps, and date stickers)
    1 Cleaning Brush with Alcohol Cleaning Pads
    Small Phillips Screwdriver
    Stainless Steel Marble Pick
    Small Bowl Tongs/Scoop
    Sample Size Mouthpiece Coconut Oil Lubricant