Pulsar Obi Auto-Draw 510 Battery


Pulsar Obi 510 Auto-Draw Vape
We do not ship the OBI to the United States, Canada only
This smooth and sleek metal body pulsar obi auto draw 510 comes with various vibrant designs, pulsing green led or pulsing blue led lights and a compact design that fits into the palm of your hand!

This easy-to-use 510 battery is auto-draw activated so there is no hassle with buttons or screens. The dual pre-heat operation, cartridge pre-heat mode, and shell pre-heat mode allow you to heat your cartridge before your draw making this 510 battery ideal for even thicker oil cartridges.
The OBI includes a 650mAh battery and can be used with 0.5mL or 1mL thick oil cartridges for a great vaping experience. This unique battery is good for an average of 400 puffs a charge. Utilizing a magnetic attachment, switching out an entire cartridge simultaneously is as easy as twisting on the magnetic adapter with a 510 threading and dropping the cart into the battery chamber for quick and optimal vaping performance. This vape also comes with a micro USB charger cable, two magnetic adapter attachments, and a pulsar obi 510 battery in the box.
Inhale and enjoy.

Features & Specs
    Resistance range: 1 - 3 OhMs
    Short circuit protection
    Magnetic drop-in connection
    650mAh battery
    Auto-draw activated
    6-month limited warranty

Included In The Box:
    Pulsar Obi vape battery
    Micro USB charger cable
    (2) Magnetic adapter attachments

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