iolite V2 Vaporizer Portable Free Butane (taxes extra)

Ogelsby and Butler

A truly portable vaporizer fueled by Butane.
This is the 2nd generation in iolite vaporizers.

It features an improved ignition system and a few other minor technical improvements.

The main purpose to its release is included serial numbers to allow better tracing for warranty.

Unlike other portable fuel based (vs battery) units, the iolite uses butane purely as a fuel source for its heater. If you are looking for something that is small, easy to use and can easily be refueled, look no further.

Steel Threaded Mouthpiece
Solid Filling Chamber (Screenless)
1 pc. iolite Portable Vaporizer Unit
1 pc. Logo Carrying Case
1 pc. Extra-Wide Cleaning Device
1 pc. Maintenance Tool
1 pc. Moisture Condenser
1 pc. Extendable Mouthpiece
1 pc. 7 Dot Chamber Screen
1 pc. iolite Instruction Manual
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Bonus Extras:
1 pc. Colibri Butane Container
1 pc.
Tubing (soak in hot water before use)

We try to stock all colors at all times, you will be notified if your color selection is not available.

We are an authorized dealer of the iolite vaporizer, contact us if you need tech support or warranty information. As per the manufacturer's policy all warranty is done through them, we will tech support you but can not do any warranty replacements or exchanges.   

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