Da Buddha and Surfer Screens 10 Pack - three sizes available

7th Floor

10 Pack of Replacement Screens for Da Buddha and SSV (Silver Surfer)

Also used for the ELEV8 Switch Ball Whip (Aka Daddy Deluxe replacement whip)

Da Buddha screens: 0.582 inches / 14.8 mm (bit smaller, less tight fit)

Da Buddha and Silver Surfer screens: 0.625 inches / 15.87 mm (SSV Standard, Da Buddha tighter fit)

Silver Surfer and Elev8 Switch Ball: 0.818 / 20.8 mm

The 14.8 screens are exclusively for Da Buddha Wands. The 15.8 screens are made for slightly larger Da Buddha Wands and Silver Surfer Standard Wands.  20.8 screens are used with the SSV Spherical Wand and as bowl screens for the ELEV8 Switch Ball