1. Can a vaporizer reach combustion temperatures?

The majority of vaporizers can't reach combustion, and a vaporizer should be setup so that is not a possibility. That being said, it is up to the user to make sure they are using the units properly and following the correct temperatures. If you use 200C or lower, you will rarely run into issues of getting close to combustion.

2. How safe is it to use a vaporizer?

Vaporizers are 100% safe if made with quality materials and used correctly at recommend temperatures.

4. Can I order the vaporizers through your store front or only online?

For clients that live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, we can make pick up arrangements with 24 hours notice. Just email us at ottawa@vaporizers.ca to arrange a day and time for pick up.

5. Can I test out the vaporizers before buying one?

We do not allow testing right now but we are 100% sure you will be satisfied with our vaporizers. Just make sure you read all our web pages and email us if you have any questions. We know our vaporizers and can make sure you get the right vaporizer for you!

6. What do I do if I have a problem?

Vaporizers are very simple products so we don't expect there to be many problems. If you do have a problem you can email us at support@vaporizers.ca.

7. How do you ship and what is on the label?

We ship brown box discreet from our company name, "Nature's Way". We respect our customers privacy and will do our best to protect it.

8. What do you use for packing material?

All our packing material is re-used from packages we receive from our suppliers. Whether its paper, Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap, we are reusing, giving that material a second use. The environment does matter to us and we wouldn't buy new non recyclable packing material. If we did run out and need to purchase more, we would go with packing paper.

9. I read somewhere that Vaporizers don't emit second hand smoke. Is this true?

If there is no first hand smoke, there is no second hand smoke. Not only do vaporizers remove all the toxins caused by combustion for the person using the vaporizer but no toxins are released into the air for other people to inhale.

10. Do your vaporizers release any odor?

Vaporization doesn't smell as much as smoke but some vapors do have odor.
If your material has a vapor that smells, all vaporizers will emit some odor.

11. How long is your warranty?

Every vaporizer has its own warranty length. Examples: Vapir NO2 v2 1 Year, Solo 2 Year, Extreme Q and V-Tower 3 Year, Volcano 3 Year, check each vaporizer listing for its warranty length..

12. Do you have stock on all your vaporizers?

We stock all our vaporizers except for ones that specifically say special order. We are occasionally in between shipments but that is rare. Our goal is to ship as fast as possible, the only way to do that is by having items in stock.

13. Can I use the car charger while I am driving?

The goal of the car charger is actually to allow people to charge their vaporizer while parked away from power, not for use while driving. We do understand that some users can't always wait but we still recommend pulling over even if its not an intoxicant. We do not recommending vaporizing ANY intoxicants before driving a vehicle.

14. What happens if I am not happy with my vaporizer?

We hope that our clients buy the right vaporizer for them right out of the gate. For when that doesn't happen, we have an exchange program where you can get full credit towards the purchase of a higher end vaporizer (within 14 days). There is no question we have a vaporizer for you so its just a question of getting you the right one.

15. Do you ever not proceed with an order?

We reserve the right to void or cancel a transaction. We will not proceed with transactions that aren't approved by our Risk Analysis team. We use both Riskify and NoFraud for order verification, your order must be approved by at least one of the two companies. We will also not proceed with an order if its based on an obvious typo or if an item is no longer available. We try to always be fair with our clients and we will proceed with an order whenever possible.

16. When I am returning an item for warranty or exchange, who pays for shipping?

When an item needs to be returned to us for any reason, the customer pays the shipping to us. We then pay to have the replacement or exchanged item to be sent back to the customer. All returns are shipped via Canada Post Expedited, customers can request to pay the difference for express shipping.

17. I saw you accept reviews, do you moderate them?

We moderate all incoming reviews to our site. We will not post reviews that contain any profanity. We also will not post reviews (positive or negative) that we consider misleading or if they contain information that is inaccurate.

18. I've seen a few different spellings of vapor and vaporizer

The most common spelling by far is vapor and vaporizer. There are certain parts of Canada and older English that do still sometimes spell it vapour and vapourizer. As long as you aren't smoking and are vaporizing or vapourizing, we're happy :)

19. Do you offer any E-Cigs, E-Cigaretes or E-Juices?

We do NOT offer any form of E-Cigs, aka E-Cigarettes or the Juices that go with them. Our vaporizers are designed to be used with natural plants, concentrates and oils. E-Cigs use man made liquids that quite often contain nicotine. We like natural products, our primary focus is herbal vaporizers, hence our name "Nature's Way".