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The first truly compact easy to use dry herb vaporizer.

The Pax Plus is the latest and greatest from Pax Labs. Dual use for Dry Herbs and Concentrates, 0.5 Gram bowl, long lasting battery and fast heat up time (22 seconds). Everything you need from a compact portable herbal vaporizer, the Pax Plus delivers.

The Pax Mini is the smallest Pax yet (0.25 Gram bowl), up to 2.5 hours of battery and good vapor in an easy to use compact design.

The Pax 3 was the culmination of years of development and upgrades.
While having a similar look to its predecessors, it deliver better performance and vapor, a superior experience overall.
We do not offer the Pax 2, we recommend clients spend the extra money on the Pax Mini / Plus Vaporizers

We also offer the Pax Era Pro for use with Pax Pods.
The competitor to 510, more pricey, very nice concentrate vapor.