Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Solo v1 uses a top quality ceramic heater and glass tubes for inhalation. We offer direct warranty support on the Arizer Solo vaporizer.

The Solo V1 was a game changing portable vaporizer when it was released. Compact size, solid design, true temp control, steel bowl, glass for inhaling. That ensured not only pure vapor but smooth vapor. Over the years, the price has dropped to a more affordable level and they are now ultra reliable. If you are looking for a durable unit that gets the job done, look no further than the Arizer Solo v1.

Solo micro heater vaporizer
2* Glass tubes (wands)
- includes one curved & one straight
Potpourri glass bowl
Wild flower blend
Arizer steel cleaning tool
2 Tube Caps

Manual temperature control (7 settings)
2 hour battery life (per recharge)
12 minute auto shutoff timer
AC cord for battery charging and plug in use
Instructions / manual
Dimensions: 4.5 “ in Height and 1.75” in Diameter

Add an Arizer Soft Case for only $20!!

2 year parts and labor warranty

The Solo can be used as steamer/vaporizer, potpourri warmer, essential oil diffuser, deodorizer, citronella warmer, aromatherapy device. it can even be used with scented beads, fresh garden spices and blends. it even heats wood chips, resins and incense, the solo does it all.
Choosing the right temperature with the Solo:
The Solo is equipped with manual temperature control with 7 different levels. We find temp 4 is ideal for most use, 5 is the maximum most clients will need. For more information on choosing the right temperature, click here


The very first time you try to insert the tubes, you will get resistance and need to force it. After you have forced the tube in the first time, it will be easy to insert every time after. All glass tubes are not identical, some will be tighter, others looser. We find the straight tubes to be a bit tighter and the curved looser. Arizer actually prefer a bit looser to help with air flow, a tight fit is not necessarily ideal for vapor production.

Unsure if this unit fits your needs? Not to worry, our exchange program will protect you. If you aren't happy, we'll give you full credit towards another vaporizer!

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