What Is The Best Vaporizer For Marijuana?

What Is The Best Vaporizer For Marijuana?

Todd FosterMar 3, '22

Vaporizing herbs is different for everyone. While one person may enjoy vaping weed for fun, another may vaporize cannabis for medical use. Some people may enjoy harsh vapor while others like smooth. That is why it is nearly impossible for us to simply choose what is the best cannabis vaporizer.

Rather than tell you what dry herb vaporizer you should choose, we are going to let you decide which is best for you. We have compiled some suggestions for the best dry herb and portable vaporizers. You can read through the list and decide which will be the best vaping experience for you.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Are you searching for the best dry herb vaporizer? These vaporizers offer quality and produce good vapor quickly. Whether you are vaping weed or a nice herbal blend, these vaporizers will deliver.

Arizer Extreme Q and XQ2 Desktop Vaporizers

Bag & Direct Flow

The Extreme Q Vaporizer is a tried and trusted desktop dry herb vaporizer by Arizer. It was the first direct flow and bag vaporizer to hit the market, and now it sets the standards for all desktop vaporizers that come after it.

The Extreme Q boasts compact size, rapid heating, and incredibly smooth vapor. After packing the chamber with your herbs, switch the device on. It will immediately begin heating. This desktop unit also features precision temperature control, so you can select the heat that works best for you. You can enjoy the tasty vapor produced using the whip attachment or balloons.

The Arizer XQ2 desktop vaporizer was released in 2021, the long awaited sequel to the Extreme Q. The XQ2 is the culmination of 15 years of high quality vaporizer manufacturing. Everything you love about the Extreme Q in a better package with more features. Offering numerous upgrades including better temp control and an improved bag system. The operating system also got a boost and it features multi-color base LEDs.


  • Precision temperature controls
  • Energy efficient
  • Convection heating
  • Whip and balloon attachments
  • Great vapor quality

MIGHTY and MIGHTY+ Vaporizer

While many manufacturers like to boast that their portable dry herb vaporizers are the best, Storz & Bickel don't. They let the performance of their vapes speak for itself—and the MIGHTY does just that.

The MIGHTY is a powerful handheld dry herb portable vaporizer. It features a simple square design that makes it easy to grip in the palm of your hand. It has a digital display, precise temperature control, and a large, easy-to-load bowl. It also has a long battery life to make your sessions even longer.

The mouthpiece protrudes slightly from the vaporizer, allowing the vapor to cool slightly as it travels along the vapor path - giving you crisp potent vapor.

In 2021, the MIGHTY was upgraded to the MIGHTY+. Same simple easy to use design upgraded to include USB-C and faster charging. Supercharge your MIGHTY+ up to 80% charge in only 40 minutes. Heat up time is approximately 60 seconds. Improved housing, ceramic coated filling chamber and an optimized design makes the MIGHTY+ a worthy upgrade.


  • Precise heat settings
  • Top load bowl
  • LED digital display
  • Large heating chamber
  • Hybrid heating system

Portable Vaporizers

Choosing the best portable vaporizer is a tough decision. That is why we have created a list of some portable vapes we reach for the most.

Arizer Solo II Portable Vaporizer

The Solo II portable dry herb vape stands out from the rest. Its long-lasting battery, easy controls, and compact portable build make the Arizer Solo II a portable weed vaporizer not to be reckoned with.

The Arizer is a well-built vape made of durable, quality materials. You can trust that it will be a reliable choice for vaping anywhere, anytime. It is a perfect choice for avid vapers or beginners. The best part is that this vape is the pure smooth vapor and the fact that its super easy to clean.


  • Rugged design
  • Long battery life (2+ hours)
  • Portable
  • Ceramic heater, steel bowl, glass tubes
  • Quality design and materials

The Utillian 421 Portable Vaporizer

The Utillian 421 is an affordable vaporizer that boasts great vapor production. While not as small as a vape pen, it still easily fits in your pocket. Underneath its sleek, compact exterior is a powerful ceramic heating element to evenly heat dry herb in 30 seconds. Pack the chamber and choose from one of the 4 pre-set temperature settings (190, 200, 210, or 220 Celsius). You will be vaporizing cannabis in seconds.

The Utillian 421 is perfect for dry herb vaping quickly on the go. We highly recommend it to everyone looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer that won't break the bank.


  • Convection vaporizer
  • Preset temperatures
  • Fast heating
  • USB charging
  • Portable and discreet
  • Affordable

The Pax 3

We couldn't make a blog post about the best weed vaporizer without mentioning the Pax 3. This marijuana dry herb vaporizer features amazing heating, temperature, and battery life. It can even handle both herbs and concentrate (concentrate insert available as separate purchase or as part of the complete kit)

The coolest feature by far is the custom temperature settings. You can download the App on your Android phone (sorry iPhone users) and program the exact setting into your weed vape. Unlike most portable marijuana vaporizers, the Pax 3 gives you complete control over your settings.


  • Choose between a flat or raised mouthpiece
  • Custom temperature controls
  • 22-second heat time
  • USB charging
  • Conduction system

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