Gift Guide Feature - Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

Stephanie IDec 11, '21

We have been big supporters of the Storz & Bickel vaporizers since we founded in 2005. The Volcano was amongst the first vaporizers we carried. They've expanded their product line since then and again in late 2021 released new version of their amazing products.

We begin with the Volcano

This exemplary vaporizer now comes in different colors and features, but the iconic Volcano shape that has excited vape enthusiasts for decades still remains.

We still love seeing someone's face the first time they see a volcano balloon inflating with dense and flavorful vapor. The Volcano Classic in Silver or Onyx comes with an Easy Valve system that – as the name suggests – is really easy to operate. The Easy Valve replacement balloons are available in two sizes 60cm balloons (regular) and 90cm balloons (XL). You can also make your own replacement balloon using the Easy Valve Balloon with adapter. This adapter allows you to customize your balloon as small or as large as you would like them. Talk about a custom vaporizing experience!

With the introduction of the Volcano Hybrid - which also comes in Silver or Onyx, users can choose between a balloon delivery system and a direct inhalation system offering you even more options.


The makers of the Volcano now offered a top loading large bowl big vapor experience in a battery operated portable. The Crafty and Mighty were kind of a big deal in the vaporizer world.  Storz & Bickel continue to strive for excellence and released new versions of both these vaporizers in late 2021. The Mighty + USB-C and Crafty + USB-C. They continue to succeed at refining and improving their products.


One of the things we love most about the Storz & Bickle vaporizers is their full line of replacement parts that are readily available. The screens and orings you need to keep these beautifully engineered machines producing quality vapor for you to enjoy for years to come are readily available. They are even sold in maintenance kits called the Wear & Tear sets.

To add to the versatility of the Storz & Bickel vaporizers you also have the options of liquid pads and fine mesh screens to enjoy your consumable product in it's many forms, let it be solid waxes, oils and fine powders.

It shows that Storz & Bickel wants to make their customer's life easier with these wonderful products:

Iconic Orange Grinder - comes in two sizes

Dosing capsules

Dosing Capsule Filling Set


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