Arizer vaporizers, taking it to the next level

Arizer vaporizers, taking it to the next level

Damon IApr 30, '22

Arizer has been making vaporizers since the early days of the vapor industry.

Located in Ontario, Canada, they have made some of the most popular and effective vaporizers of all times including the Arizer Air Portable, Arizer Solo Portable and Arizer Extreme Q Desktop vaporizers.

The last big upgrade for Arizer was releasing the Air II, Solo II and ArGo Vaporizers.

The Air V1 was a great vaporizer, the Air II took the small size and swappable batteries and added a digital menu along with upgrades in performance, battery life and vapor production.

The Solo II was a nice upgrade. Big cosmetic upgrade, much improved digital controls and menu, long lasting battery, better vapor and air flow. After a few revisions and improvements, it truly delivered on a good sequel to one of our all time favorite vapes, the Arizer Solo.

The ArGo was about filling a gap for those users that liked the glass stem system but didn't want it sticking out of the unit. The ArGo was a bit wider but incorporated the stem into the vaporizer itself. This made for an overall more compact experience for those that really care about everything fitting easily in your pocket.

The Next Level - Late 2021 and Early 2022

The Extreme Q is an excellent desktop vaporizer that has pretty much every feature, great vapor and a price people can afford. It has been one of the best choices for desktops for well over a decade and still makes most top 5s.

A sequel to the Q was due so Arizer released the XQ2 desktop vaporizer in late 2021. A good modern upgrade for an already great vaporizer.

The biggest upgrade is the bag system improvement. For a non valve based bag system (Volcano patent), the XQ2 is very good. Easy to fill up, easy to inhale from and easy to not lose vapor while in between inhales. The heat up time is improved as is the heater accuracy. The menu is a nice upgrade and so are the LED lights. The XQ2 price is still quite reasonable and a worthy upgrade over the Extreme Q if you have the money to spend.

April 2022 was time for another portable, in comes the Air MAX.

Everything that was great about the Air series but pumped up to the MAX in the Arizer Air Max. Adjustable OLED display combined with easy to use controls and menu. Dark mode for when you just want to relax with the lights down or off. MAX power with a 26650 battery providing up to 135 minutes of use. Fast USB-C charging gives you up to 90% charge in only 2 hours. Ceramic heater, glass stems and accurate temperature control ensures smooth and tasty vapor. Turn it up for a stronger vapor experience, recommended only for a final burst at the end of the session.

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