February at Vaporizers.ca

Stephanie IFeb 8, '17

This month we're happy to be giving away a vape that's been around for some time. It's solid, Canadian Made and one that delivers the goods. We're giving away an Extreme Q with lots of extras. Valued at over $260 this package includes everything you need and more! With the Extreme Q you'll be set with an awesome desktop.

February Giveaway

We have some high performance vapes on sales this month too! The Herbalizer, the Vapir Prima and the Utillian 720.

These sales end on February 14th, so get yours quick!!

We also have some site wide coupons...

Stay tuned for more later this month!

Oh before I go....lets spread some love this month and share your favorite vape on Instagram. Tag us and use hashtag #vapeLove

See you online!



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