Why we love the VapirRise

Damon IOct 2, '13

The VapirRise is a great vaporizer, we absolutely love it.


Why do we love it? The answer is easy. It not only delivers everything you could want in a desktop but it does it at a price that the majority of people can afford. We first got to try the VapirRise back in May, we had one of the first units available rushed to us in Toronto so we could demo it at the Treating Yourself Expo. We then of course got to bring it back to the hotel with us every night to use ourselves. The retail kit itself was really well done, the unit looked great, top quality parts, everything was there. The manual was very easy to follow and fairly well done. Our first direct flow session really impressed us. Everything fit together so easily and it heated up in no time. Within 2 minutes we were blowing out nice clouds of vapor with nice assistance from the fan. Thanks to a highly adjustable fan speed, you can have a bit of help or a lot of help. After that, we got out the bag and gave that a go. It filled up with nice substantial vapor and then we sat back and inhaled. No question one of the best bag systems we have ever used and it had an on/off switch, what more could we ask for. A truly amazing first experience for us despite 8 years of using vaporizers. It was almost as good as our very first Volcano bag, back in 2004. For $249.99, the VapirRise truly delivers. It is our current #1 overall preferred desktop. We love it. :)

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