MIGHTY Vaporizer Review, 10 months later

Damon IOct 9, '15

October 2015, 10 Months Later:
We are currently using our MIGHTY every 1-2 days, it is one of our main portable vaporizers. We are still very happy with the heat up time and vapor production. For bowl size and vapor, it doesn’t get much better than the MIGHTY for a portable. We were always happy with the digital display and controls. We have grown more used to the 1 minute shut off but we would still prefer the option to choose a longer shut off time. Later revisions have increased that to two minutes, we do think that is a better choice for times. The battery is still going strong and the heater hasn’t given us any issues at all. We know that Storz did have some growing pains for their new portables but our MIGHTY has been solid for us. We definitely plan to keep using it and we will post another update one year from now.

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