Arizer Air Vaporizer Review

Damon IJan 3, '15

The Arizer Air is the next generation compact portable vaporizer by the makers of the Solo.

The packaging is very basic but it gets the job done. Basic brown box with all the needed information and then the unit and parts inside. Packaging wise, they got the job done which is the most important part.

The unit itself is very impressive, ultra compact and lightweight, professional assembly. The controls are super easy and the color LED ‎displays make knowing your temp and battery level simple. For ease of use while still having good functionality, the Air is one of the best vapes on the market.

The heat up time is fast and the vapor production is excellent. Very impressed with the vapor, we can't imagine anyone looking for a compact portable that won't be happy. Not only with the amount of vapor but the taste as well, the vapor tastes good right out of the box.

During our use, we found temp 1 was actually enough in most cases, 2 being a bit hotter, 3 being on the hot side. We recommend clients stick to one or two unless there is a need for higher. The glass stem works well and we like the polymer mouthpiece, that's a nice touch.

Easy to use, nice controls
Ultra compact and lightweight
Great vapor production
Looks really good


Arizer Air
For a compact portable where the goal is ultra small, we didn't find any negatives. The Air delivers really good performance vapor ‎production and battery wise. Sure its nice to have a long lasting battery but for the size of the unit, we find the battery lasts long enough, its also easily replaceable.
 For those of you looking for high end portable vaporizer that fits in your pocket and produces really good vapor, the Air is a great choice.

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