Our review system and how we approve reviews

Damon IDec 23, '14

We have had questions about our review system over the past year so we decided to do a blog post to explain our procedure when it comes to reviews.

The first question is do we moderate our reviews: the answer is yes.

We make significant efforts to have a clean, informative site and we can't have users post anything they want on our site; swear words, inaccurate reviews, illegible reviews, etc..

If a review is close to acceptable but has inappropriate language or really glaring typos we will edit it slightly to either remove the inappropriate language or correct the typo. We believe its very important to maintain the users' intended message, we never change the meaning at any point.

Users also wonder why we don't have many negative reviews, there are a few reasons for that:

1. We don't carry bad products. If a vaporizer gets 1 star reviews that are accurate, we will stop carrying that vaporizer. The vaporizers we offer work well, are at fair pricing and are supported by the company. That's the best way to avoid bad reviews, offer products that don't deserve bad reviews.

2. We do not post inaccurate reviews ever. Whether they be positive or negative reviews, we won't post a review if we believe it will mislead other users or give them incorrect information. We normally contact the user directly to see if we can assist them.

3. We won't post a review where a user is misusing their unit. We don't want other users to use their vaporizer incorrectly, therefore we won't post any reviews that could mislead other users. We also contact the user to clarify proper use.

4. We do not post reviews from users that did not buy from us. We might occasionally let one slip through but the goal of our reviews is to let our clients review products, not other companies clients. We take good care of our clients and support them, helping ensure they are happy with us and their vaporizer.
When a client is having an issue with their vaporizer, we help them. That way we can turn a client that is unhappy into a happy client.
We respect all clients feedback but its important that information posted on our site is accurate. Whether it be written by us or by clients, we won't post anything that is misinformed. If we happen to let something slip by you better believe we make sure to change it once we are informed.
If you have concerns or questions about our review process, feel free to email us at sales@vaporizers.ca.

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