Vacations, everyone needs them

Stephanie IFeb 12, '14

We really enjoy reselling vaporizers, its a true passion for us.
We care about our quest to help people switch to vapor.

Our customers are very important to us but even we still need recharge time. As much energy as you give us, we still need 2 weeks per year to recharge. Family run businesses are great for personal service and customer care; but when the family goes on vacation we can't ship orders, there is no one left to ship them. To avoid surprises, we make sure to post a big notice, we change our voice mails, we do auto email replies, we post on twitter. Even with that notice, we understand that no one wants their orders delayed a few days. To compensate you for that slight delay, whenever we go away, we will offer you a coupon, you save because you had to wait.

Every winter, we take 1 week off in either February or March. Last year we went on our second cruise with Celebrity, we had a great time. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience, everything from the food to the shore excursions delivered. This year was a ski trip at Mont Tremblant with a room slope side. We had great weather, amazing views and some awesome skiing.

In the summer, early July, we celebrate Canada Day by the Ocean in Prince Edward Island.  PEI is our little Canadian island paradise, we go there every summer. For rest and relaxation, its hard to find a better place.

If we ever have to go away for a day or two for any other reason, we will make sure all shipments go out first.
We want your orders on the way to you as soon as possible, that's very important to us.

Thanks for your understanding, we truly appreciate it.

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Damon & Stephanie

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