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Damon IDec 13, '13

EDIT: Paypal, Bitcoin and HyperWallet no longer available

At, we really want our customers to have lots of payment options.

At the same time, we need to protect both ourselves and our clients from fraud.
That means we accept lots of payment methods but there are restrictions.

Pay Pal - We ship to the address in the payment, payment must be confirmed or account verified. That's the rules given to us by Pay Pal, make sure the address in Pay Pal is the one you want it shipped to.

Credit Card - When using a credit card with us, we will only accept shipping to verified billing addresses. Most clients don't know that credit card companies don't support shipping addresses online. The only way to use an alternate address is through manual verification and some companies don't even support having a second address on file. Huge online companies allow people to do it because they can verify manually, have fraud investigators and deep pockets. We know its convenient but we can't take the risk. Don't worry, if you really don't want something shipping to your billing address, we have options.

Interac E-Transfer - All you need is online banking with any major Canadian bank. They all support it, you just place an order, pick E-Transfer at check out. Log in to your online banking after you are done, click on pay bills, send a payment with the answer "vapors" and you're done. We can then ship to any address you want without any issues. Perfect for work addresses, gifts or when you are away from home.

hyperWALLET- Same process as E-Transfer, if you have hyper, you know what to do.

Bitcoin - A brand new payment method, very similar rules to E-Transfer except it uses an automatic check out. Highly recommended if you want no payment hassles.

Money Order - Old school but still available. If you are the type of person that uses cash all the time, this is for you. Just place an order, print it out and our contact page. Go to the post office, have them make out a money order to Nature's Way and send us payment. Compared to Bitcoin and E-Transfer, this is a very slow and more costly method. But if you don't like using online payment methods, this option is available.

In Person - We do offer in person payment in both Orleans (Ottawa) and Alfred, Ontario. We have a terminal so you can pay with credit card, cash or debit. All you need to do is email us at in advance to make an appointment. We do apologize for that inconvenience but we are primarily an online and phone dealer so we do not offer full time in person hours.

If you ever use a payment method you really like that we don't offer, contact us.
A big thanks to all our customers, we truly appreciate your support.

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