Extreme Q vs VapirRise Vaporizer

Damon INov 13, '13

First off, we'd like to say that we love both these desktop units.
They both offer great vaporizer experiences at an affordable price.

Some companies call it the Vapir Rise Vaporizer but it is one word, VapirRise.
The idea is to say it fast so that it sounds like vaporize.

Extreme Q: Solid unit that's been out a long time, glass parts ensure smooth vapor, adjustable fan speed (including off), direct flow, bag, 3 year warranty

VapirRise: Well built unit, long term company, ultra durable steel and polymer parts, adjustable fan speed (always on), direct flow, bag, 1 year warranty

Both units are really well built, no doubt about it.
The Rise gets the edge on looks and buttons, the Extreme Q has a remote.

Bag system - The VapirRise bag system is superior to the Extreme Qs. The bag itself is better and the on/off switch works great, one of the best bag systems on the market without a doubt.
Direct Flow - Both units offer very good direct flow, the VapirRise also offers a 4 person direct flow adapter

For smoothness, the Extreme Q gets the edge due to glass parts.
We found both units to be very smooth and we are happy in that department.

For durability, the Rise wins, Steel and Polymers are tougher than glass.
Glass may be smoother but it is easily breakable.

Features, really tough call since they both have exclusive features. In the end, the Extreme Qs remote control is not better than a nice valve system on the Rise's bag system. A truly great feature that hasn't really been done well outside the Volcano.

Parts - Both companies offer very affordable replacement parts, all their parts are readily available

Oils - Both units can be used with oils, the only way to use oils with the Extreme Q  is via the pot pourri dish. For direct inhalation, you can do a mixture with plants or possibly cut up a liquid pad to make it in the bowl. The Rise comes with a chamber for essential oils right out of the gate which works great. We did find however that high temp oils required the use of a liquid pad and the plant chamber for them to vaporizer (we just used the Volcano Soild Valve Liquid pad). That's right, 204C on a VapirRise with a liquid pad, you have high temp oil vaporization, we have confirmed this ourselves.

Always on fan vs not: If you do not want a fan, you really shouldn't be looking at the Rise or the Extreme Q, you should consider a V-Tower or some other desktop units that don't have fan, which will cost you less. Whether it be direct flow or bag, we prefer the assistance the fan gives and the fact that it makes the vapor a little less dense, more easily inhaled. Some people might like ultra dense, potentially make you cough vapor, we prefer a bit of air mixed in. We do not consider always on fan to be a negative and if you don't like that feature, look at other units that don't have a fan, that simple.

Losing vapor while not inhaling: This is an issue we occasionally hear about for always on fan based direct flow units. We personally find the amount of vapor lost in between inhales on low fan speed setting to be negligible, a real non concern. And for sharing, the Rise offers a 4 person adapter so at no point should anyone be passing a tube or wasting when sharing. If you are that serious about getting every bit of vapor possible, we'd recommend filling up a bag at a lower speed setting.

Price: $199.99 + tax vs $249.99 including tax is very close price wise.

Warranty: 3 Years on the Extreme Q, 1 Year on the Rise (Extended available)
The Extreme Q does have the better warranty overall.

In the end, if you budget is $199.99 plus tax and direct flow without sharing is your priority, the Extreme Q is a great choice. That being said, if you have $249.99 including tax, like direct flow but want a better bag system, the Rise is the one to get.

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