Ghost MV1 Tips and User Guide

This is your starting guide for the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer.

Fully charge your battery before first use: This is very important, it conditions your battery properly to help it retain charges longer over the course of its life. If you received a Ghost Vapes MV1 fast charger with your order you can charge your battery pack through this dock for its initial charge. When you first plug the battery pack into the charger the LED light on the front of the charger will turn red, this means it's charging and when it's fully charged the light will turn green (should take approx. ~2 hours). If you do not have a fast charger, use the included micro-USB cable and a 1A wall adapter (like for a cellphone), and it's recommended for its initial charge to be done overnight (~8 hours). Always remember to keep your battery topped up for optimum performance and so you don’t run out of charge unexpectedly.

Crucible loading: Full but Loose. This is also very important, make sure to load the crucible properly for optimal performance and airflow through your herb. You want your crucible loaded full to the top edge, but you don't want to tamp it down, keep it loose. If you tamp your herb down too much you can impede airflow and this could result in uneven vaporization and your unit heating up more than it should.

Turn on your vape: When you first attach a fresh battery you will need to holding down the power button for 2 seconds, after releasing it you see a single green light. The LEDs will then flash 1, 2 or 3 lights to indicate battery life. The unit is now in sleep mode and can be fully activated by pressing the power button quickly 3 times. You will now see a solid green light and this means you are ready to start vaping.

Mouthpiece and Heat Sink: Extend the mouthpiece stem and gently pull out your mouthpiece by about 3/4" until you feel it catch in the groove. After you extend your mouthpiece double check the heat sink to make sure it's fully seated and pushed down all the way. Pushing the mouthpiece down a bit will reduce airflow but depending on materials and draw speed can also increase vapor production. As you get used to the product you will find the position that works best for you. The heat sink is the only part of the device that gets quite warm after multiple draws. It is supposed to get hot, it’s called a heat sink and it’s just doing its job - cooling the vapor down by absorbing heat.

Dry Herbs with the MV1: Press and hold the vape button (thumb button on the back), you will immediately feel a quick vibration, wait a few more seconds until you feel the vape vibrate a second time, keep the vape button pressed down, now you can start your draw. Keep the vape button pressed down throughout your entire draw and release it about 1 or 2 seconds before you finish pulling. If you pull for more than 15 seconds the vape will automatically vibrate again and shut off the heat until your next draw. Never use concentrates or the concentrate pad in any of the herb settings 1-5

Concentrate use with the MV1: Load a small amount of wax or other material onto the concentrate pad (a rice-sized to bb-sized amount) and place the pad at the bottom of the crucible. Set the temperature to heat level 6. The first draw you take is programmed to heat at a lower temperature to melt your concentrate into the pad, which prepares it for vaporization. Pull very slowly during this first draw. After 10-15 seconds the vape will vibrate and the heat will shut off. Starting from the second draw you can now pull for the full 15 seconds to get the full experience. Press the vape button and wait a few seconds for the first long vibration, begin your draw and continue drawing with the vape button depressed the entire time. At the end of your draw release the vape button and continue pulling for 1-3 seconds. When vaping concentrates always remember to draw slowly. If you draw too quickly some concentrates will be eviscerated. Never use liquids with the MV1.

Temperature settings - To change the heat level you first press the main power button for 2 seconds to get it to show the battery indicator. While the battery indicator is being displayed press the power button again and hold for 2 seconds, the vape will now enter temperature selection mode. There are 6 heat settings - levels 1,2 & 3 (amber) and levels 4 & 5 (red) are for dry herb, and level 6 is for concentrates only. Press the power button once to cycle through the 6 heat levels, and when you land on the one you want stop pressing the button. The vape will lock in to your desired temp and go back into standby mode waiting for you to vape. The heat setting colors and descriptions are included in the Quick Start Guide which is included in the box.

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