Volcano Classic Vaporizer (taxes extra)

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The Volcano Classic is the ultimate balloon filling desktop vaporizer. Ultra reliable, German Engineering, super easy to use, great vapor, it truly delivers. Thanks to a valve system and storage balloon, users can inhale at their own pace (10 minutes maximum). If you can afford the Volcano and want the best balloon vaporizer, make the choice to buy one today.

Volcano Classic

Manual Temperature Control
Temp range of 130C to 226C
Forced Air Vaporizer
Removable Filter
110V AC Adapter
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Unit Weight: 2.6 lb / 1.2 kg
Unit Dimensions: 7"H * 8"L * 8"W
Shipping Box Dimensions: 9.75"H * 10"L * 10"W

Easy Valve Set Includes:
4* Easy Valve Balloons (pre-made)
1* Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
Filling Chamber with Cap
Liquid Pad
Normal Screen Set
Cleaning Brush

Easy Valve Accessory Package (extra $10)
1 Easy Valve Bag
1 Normal Screen Set
1 Herbal Blend

Solid Valve Kit Option

Volcano Classic Warranty Information
Visit the manufacturer website for warranty information

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