Our May Long Weekend trip, thank you Vapir Prima and VapeXhale EVO

Damon IJun 30, '16

Our May Long Weekend trip.

Every year for the May Long Weekend, we drive 13 hours to the Atlantic Ocean to open our cottage for the summer. As a medical user, its important that I am able to vaporize when I am a passenger, when we are at the hotel and at the cottage. That means I need a really good portable and a great plug in for when we arrive at our destination.

The Vapir Prima was my go to unit for most of the trip. Super easy to use, easy to load, small and compact, a great road trip unit. With a spare battery fully charged, I had lots of power for all my vaporizing needs. Overall the one battery was enough in between charges but having that second one takes away any concerns you have about running out of battery.

Once at the cottage, my spare EVO was taken out and I was back to a plug in with ultra smooth big vapor. The EVO is fairly compact for a plug in and is easy to bring with us and store when we leave. As much as I enjoy portables, for a sit back and relax session at the end of the day, the VapeXhale EVO is my favorite. Every medical user with a larger lung capacity and vapor enthusiast should seriously consider adding an EVO to their collection.

I can honestly say that between the two vaporizers, I was 100% satisfied vapor wise for the entire trip. If those two units can handle my medical needs on a trip to the Atlantic Ocean and back, they can most likely handle your needs.

Embrace the vapor, you'll be happy you did.



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