Zeus Bolt XL Grinder


Grind your herbs with the power of Zeus!

The Bolt XL stands 5.7cm Tall and 7cm wide, is made from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA), and features diamond cut teeth to provide superior shredding power. It is calibrated to grind up your herbs to the perfect consistency for vaporization. The large shape ensures an easy grip and the ability to handle large amounts of herbs. The ZEUS Bolt XL is the perfect grinder no matter what vaporizer you may have! Other features include:

    4 pieces (3 chambers)
    7 cm diameter x 5.7 cm height
    Magnetic lid
    Diamond cut teeth
    Calibrated for vaporization
    Made of anodized air craft grade aluminum
    Lifetime warranty

Package Contents
    1 x 4 piece ZEUS Bolt XL Grinder
    1 x ZEUS scoop

How To Use
    Open top of grinder
    Place herb on bottom layer of teeth
    Close top of grinder
    Rotate top section of grinder, by twisting back and forth
    When herb has been ground to the perfect consistency for vaporization, it will fall through to second layer and into the middle chamber
    Unscrew the top two pieces from the bottom two in order to access herb located in the middle chamber
    The bottom compartment stores botanical dust which falls through the fine mesh screen