Zeus Arc S Hub Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Zeus Arc S Hub is a complete 3rd generation vaporizer set that offers all you need to begin vaping without the learning curve. The Zeus Arc S is a budget conscious vaporizer designed in Germany featuring direct compatibility with ArcPods. It is lightweight and portable, offering 90 minutes of battery life and impressive, high-quality vapor.

All in One Hub
Designed to work solely with the patented Zeus ArcPods for easy loading on the go, the patented Zeus Arc S brings the authentic flavor of a high performance and portable dry herb vaporizer like the Zeus Arc GTS, but at a more affordable cost. Bundled with a patent pending Zeus Xtruder and 15 ArcPods, the Zeus Arc S Hub combines the process of grinding and loading dry herb in a convenient all-in-one package that includes a tidy case for storage and a tray & tool combo for emptying ArcPods.

If you want a high performance vaporizer without the hassle of having to learn the ins and outs of knowing how to grind, pack, and load dry herb perfectly. The Zeus Arc S Hub is designed to provide a consistent and high quality session each and every time, even for those who are using a vaporizer for the first time.
Getting to know the Zeus Arc S


    All-in-One Vaporizer Solution
    Works with ArcPods Only
    Xtruder Included
    Zeus Hub Included
    Built in ABV Tray
    3500mAh Battery
    Haptic Feedback
    80 Second Heat-up
    3 Default Temp Settings (205°C | 215°C | 225°C)
    Firmware Upgradeable
    Hard Anodized Aluminum Shell

Included in the Box:
- Zeus Arc S Hub
- USB Charging Cable
- Flow Sink Tool
ArcPods for All

Designed as the lower cost alternative to the Arc GTS, the Zeus Arc S is engineered only to work with ArcPods. ArcPods are directly loaded when connected to the tail end of the included Zeus Xtruder. The Xtruder automatically ejects the ArcPod once it is fully filled ensuring consistent dosing each and every session. Each ArcPod holds 0.3 grams of dry herb.

Each ArcPod is crafted out of durable and energy efficient aluminum to facilitate rapid transfer from the heating chamber to the dry herb inside making it simple to get the perfect roast on the go.
Xtruder Magic


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