Organic Vapor Aroma Blends

Stephanie IOct 28, '16

We are thrilled to announce a line of 4 incredibly satisfying organic vapor blends. Blue Lotus, Lavender, Pink Rose and Wild Mint. These flavorful blends are expertly blended by trained herbalists using premium organic herbs.

The blends come in 5g or 10g packages. The 5g packages produce 10-15 servings and the 10g packages produce 20-30 servings.

I have been using the blends for just under a week now and I am loving them!

A Twist of Wild Mint
. A blend of damiana, mullein and spearmint offering you a uplifting and refreshing effect. I love using this blend while working. It elevates my awareness, keeps me sharp and focused on my tasks. It gave me a bit of a pep in my step which is really nice in the afternoon.

A Twist of Pink Rose. The blend of rose, raspberry leaf and damiana delivered on the sensual, luxurious and calming feelings. Amazing to use during self care routines, or when relaxing with that special someone.

A Twist of Lavender. A very nice combination of lavender, damiana and lemon balm was my go to this week to promote relaxing and relieve stress after a day's work. I enjoy having a session before the kids get home from school, brings me back down to earth and grounded before their high energy arrives home.

A Twist of Blue Lotus. This blend contains blue lotus, pink lotus and damiana. What a lovely blend! Deliciously creative and meditative, I used this blend before and during my artsy creative time. And the taste is really nice and pleasant!

I was very impressed with how much I enjoyed these blends on their own. They're also great to use with other herbs, but are fantastic as is. I look forward to experimenting with them some more.

They are absolutely worth a try, I'm sure you will enjoy!



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