Magic Flight is back, Arizer increases parts prices

Magic Flight is back, Arizer increases parts prices

Stephanie IMay 9, '23

Magic Flight is back.

One of our most classic vaporizers, the original hand held wooden box portable vaporizer. Hand crafted with high quality materials, the Magic Flight dominated the market for many years.

While vaporizers have evolved with fancier features since the day of the Magic Flight, there will always be the herb lovers who seek out experiences such as the one you get when heating your herbs in a Magic Flight Launch Box.

We currently have Maple, Cherry, Walnut and some Laser Etched Magic Flight Vaporizers in our warehouse. Brand new kits with everything you need to get started, 21 day warranty included.

We don't expect the batteries to last as long due to their age.
More are available and you can find newer replacements online.

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Arizer parts price increase

After many years of maintaining their prices, Arizer has made a move and price increases are in effect.

For the portable vaporizers like the Solo II, Air Max and ArGo expect to pay more for glass tubes, screens, chargers and more.

On the desktop side, we saw an increase on cyclone bowls, elbows, tubing, bags and AC adapters.

Virtually every part did get an increase, some more than other.

This price increase was across the board - distribution, wholesale and retail pricing.


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