Cleaning Supplies for your Vaporizer

Damon IJan 4, '17


Getting the best usage from your vaporizer requires a thorough cleaning. You can tell when your vaporizer needs a cleaning when it becomes hard to hit and tastes off. The longer you hold off, the more build up gets trapped inside. Waiting too long will make it impossible to inhale any smoke, wasting your money and time. After a proper cleaning, you can expect each hit to be smoother and stronger. Here are some products to help get the effective cleaning your vaporizer needs:

  • Orange Chronic CleanerThis liquid cleaning solution can be applied directly to all vaporizers and accessories. It provides the most potent and effective cleaning, leaving nothing but a refreshing scent behind. With no scrubbing or waiting, it’s the most convenient vaporizer cleaner. If you’re like me and hate waiting afterwards, this product is right for you!
  • Cleaning Brushes Cleaning brushes are a standard cleaning tool for your vaporizer. Paired with a cleaning solution, you’ll be able to scrub until reaching perfection. This is a good choice for people with a low budget and/or are using a solution that can’t provide an effective cleaning alone.
  • NoGoo Nonstick Vape Scrape ToolThis tool is designed to fit inside most pens. It’s intended to maneuver material while avoiding breaking the heating element. It comes standard with silicone tips that are capable of withstanding up to 450°.
  • VapeTool Cleaning KitThis 4-pack of stainless steel tools is packaged in a plastic tube. The kit includes a spatula, spoon, chisel, dabber, and poker. It’s perfect for working with concentrates and is dual sided for multipurpose uses. Perfect cleaning starter pack for your vaporizer.
  • Magic Flight Cleaning Brush This brush is specifically for gently cleaning your screen. It should only be used for cleaning when the screen is cool (not warm).
  • Metal Cleaning Sticks (Ridged) The ridges on these sticks make it easier to clean out any gunk trapped inside. Good for when there’s a large amount of build-up.

Cleaning your vaporizer is a must if you want to have clean and strong hits. features all of these products and more. Our company has been helping people switch to vapor and providing a large selection of high quality vaporizers through our online store. Visit to view our cleaning tools and other products, or contact us if you need help deciding which products are best for you.

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