Direct Warranty and Manufacturer Warranty

Damon IOct 3, '13

There are two types of warranty, direct dealer warranty and through the manufacturer warranty. Both types have their benefits and negatives. With a direct dealer warranty, you can deal with the company you bought the item from and you sometimes get faster service. The negative is that if the dealer is not good with service, you could be looking at a delay or a possible reject / buck pass. In those cases, the clients only hope is that a manufacturer will make an exception and handle the warranty.

With a manufacturer warranty, clients deal directly with the manufacturer for all warranty support. The benefit to this warranty is that a client can be more guaranteed support and if the manufacturer goes down a dealer wouldn't honor the warranty anyway. Most dealers prefer this type of warranty for obvious reasons, it makes their life easier.

Normally the type of warranty is set by the manufacturer. At we have quite a few vaporizers that we support directly like the Vapir No2 and VapirRise, the Arizer Vaporizers - the Solo, Extreme Q and V-Tower. While at the same time we have manufacturers who prefer to handle it themselves like Ogeslby's iolite and WISPR2 vaporizers. When you buy from us, whether its a direct or manufacturer warranty, we are here to help. For direct, we'll take care of you ourselves. For manufacturer, we'll tech support you and then help you contact the manufacturer for support.

A lot of dealers do not offer direct warranty or tech support. At, we believe keeping our clients happily vaporizing is key to our success. So whether we help you with the warranty process when dealing with a manufacturer or whether we handle your warranty directly, we are here to help. We want to make sure our clients are taken care of long term, that's very important to us.

Authorized and reputable dealers: Its always a good idea to buy from a dealer that will support you regardless of how strong the manufacturer warranty is. At, we have 7 years of experience and we deal with a lot of manufacturers directly, our experience and direct relationships will help ensure you have a good experience with us.

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