The best vaporizer

Damon IOct 2, '13
Any company or review site that tries to say there is one best vaporizer doesn't know enough about vaporizers or has a serious ego, its that simple. First off, there is the desktop vs portable, not everyone needs a portable. Then there is the hybrids that do both plug in and portable. Then there is one extra important thing that we ALWAYS factor in, a good value for our customers money. You can't charge 3 times as much as your competition, have less features and still be considered the best overall, we're looking at you Volcano. Don't get us wrong, the Volcano is a great bag filler but if you consider $600 a lot for a vaporizer, there are many other options. For us, the best vaporizer is always case specific. Every client has different needs and there is normally a best vaporizer for them, possibly even a best combo of two different vaporizers. The first question you need to ask yourself is do I need portable. If the answer is no, look at a desktop like the Extreme Q, VapirRise or if you can afford it, the Volcano. The Extreme Q and Rise are excellent units that are affordable and work very well. If you do need a portable, do you need something super small like the Magic Flight. Or would you rather have a bit bigger unit for around the house like the Vapir NO2 that's still very portable while extra easy to use in AC mode. For oil users, the Persei is a great choice but if they can't afford it, there is the Omicron or even the sub $100 pen vaporizers. There are lots of options and we understand it can be confusing. We will have our top recommendations for categories like portable vaporizers coming soon. In the mean time, if you need help, you can always email us at Thanks!

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