Inhalater, the comeback company

Damon ISep 12, '13
Inhalater is a Canadian vaporizer company from Quebec that makes a good portable vaporizer. They have been refining their vape for many years, starting with a fairly basic model until the release of their streamlined Inhalater vaporizer. Worked well, was easy to use, very few problems. It was early 2013 and Inhalater decided that their unit was good but could be better. They wanted it smaller and to be more efficient. A good idea but only if you can pull it off. After some testing, they decided the Inhalater XP was ready and they discontinued the original model. Unfortunately the first batch of XPs were not as reliable as they had hoped and reworking needed to be done. After months of delays for various reasons, in August 2013 Inhalater finished their XP and released limited units. After initial tests and units going to clients, it looks like they have worked things out. They still need time to get back to where they need to be production wise but to still pull it off in the end, amazing. Shows you, if you can afford to keep both product lines going until you are sure the new one is good, do that. Otherwise, hold on as best you can until you get the new product right. The toughest part of switching product lines is now done, here's hoping they keep things going for years to come. Congrats to Inhalater for getting the XP to market.

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