Cleaning Your Screens and Glass parts

Damon IDec 15, '15

Cleaning your vaporizer screens and glass parts is critical.
The cleaner a vaporizer is, the more efficient it is, that simple.

There are a few different ways to clean screens / glass.

Method 1 (the best and safest way to clean):
This method takes more time but it is the safest way to clean your screens / glass tubes.
For those of you that are serious about your health, this is how you should clean your parts.


1 sealable Ziploc container that will hold all of your pipes
2 Polident Tabs (buy them in bulk at Costco)
A kettle to make boiling water (do not try to just use hot water from tap)
A tea cozy or tea towel
A bottle brush that fits in the Arizer Solo tubes (even if they can't get down the bent part, that's okay)
Paper towels (quite a few of the ones that come with half or whole size perforations)
2 hours wait time.


Place two Polident tabs in plastic Ziploc container. Fill Ziploc plastic container with tubes. Try to arrange them so they are flat or level. Add boiling water from kettle and fill almost to the top. Leave about 3/4 inch at the top for expansion. Seal Ziploc and hold onto the lid with an oven mitt (it's hot!) It's going to bubble up and want to spill out. That's okay. Just try to keep the lid as sealed as you can. It will build pressure in the container. That pressure forces the Polident into the tubes nicely.

Once the bubbling action has settled down, "burp" the corner of the Ziploc to get rid of any excess air, seal the lid and wrap with a tea towel or tea cozy and leave for TWO FULL HOURS!!! This may seem like a long time, but this is to get rid of the gunk that builds up in the little crevices and hard to get to areas. You can leave them longer and get even better results. Please leave them at least for two hours though.

Once the two hours is up, open the container. If you cannot handle the pipes, you may want to seal them back up and leave them longer. I personally can manage with the hot pipes, but it's up to you. Anyway, use the bottle brush to create a cleaning cyclone inside each tube. Just set the tip of the tube in the hot water and polident while you use the brush to clean the top part of the tube. This creates a lot of suction and commotion in the hot water and tubes. It CLEANS the tubes out. Do this for each tube, scrubbing the top half of the tube while the bottom tip half is still submerged in the sudsy hot water.

RINSE RINSE RINSE! Rinse each tube carefully under running hot water. Then dry them with paper towels. Use the kind of paper towels that can be torn off at the "half size". Then make half of each paper towel into a "drill" and roll that drill into the tube to dry it out. Dry out the cup part well as well.

Polident is 100% safe and if you leave traces of polident behind on your vape pipes, it won't harm you when you vape.

Method 2 (chemical based, easier but not as safe):
Soak your screens or parts in a cleaner solution like Randy's Cleaner.
Remove screens / parts, run through dishwasher to remove all traces of the chemical cleaner.

You can rinse thoroughly and soak in water, then let air dry but dishwasher is a much better choice.
Chemicals like acetone work good at cleaning but they are designed to destroy organic materials.

We do highly recommend you clean with method 1, that is your best bet by far. If you do need to be a bit lazy or have issues doing method 1 for whatever reason, at least make sure you dishwasher your screens after the chemical from method 2 has done its job.

Vaporizer screens and parts are for inhaling, safer is always better.

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