Zenco Duo 510 Vapor Cup (taxes extra)


The Zenco Duo is a high-quality Vapor Cup innovation that can create heavy sippable vapor using a variety of cannabis extracts or concentrates.

The unit features a Triple Quartz Heating Element right out of the box, which is great at vaporizing your solid cannabis extracts. This unit is also compatible with 510-Threaded cartridges. Similar to other Vapor Cups, it shares the 2-part base and glass system design but with a noticeable difference in external material quality when compared to lower-priced Vapor Cups.
The Zenco Duo features a whopping 2200 mAh battery, which is relatively high for this category, and is very convenient for users that enjoy slower-paced or longer sessions.
Key Features:
2200 mAh Battery
Auto Shut-Off Functionality
Single-button Control
Touch Button w/ LED
USB-C Charging

Included In The Box:
Zenco Duo
Zenco Duo Glassware
Wax Tool
Bristle Cleaner
USB-C Charging Cable
Triple Quartz
Ceramic Bucket
Cleaning Sticks


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