WISPR2 Vaporizer Portable (taxes extra)

Ogelsby and Butler

No longer available to us

Iolite v2 available in LIMITED QTYs 

Introducing the WISPR2 Vaporizer

The WISPR2 is the next generation in butane based portable vaporizers brought to you by Ogelsby & Butler, the same company that makes the iolite. Featuring much more powerful vapor delivery.


WISPR2 Vaporizer Includes:

1 pc. WISPR2 Vaporizer
1 pc. Flexible Mouthpiece
2 pc. Replacement Mouthpiece Tips
1 pc. Carrying Case
1 pc. Maintenance Tool
1 pc. 7 Dot Filling Chamber
1 pc. Replacement Heater Mesh Screen
1 pc. Moisture Condenser
2 pc. Cleaner
1 pc. WISPR2 Vaporizer Instruction Manual

The WISPR2 features an upgraded patented butane heater and upgraded mouthpiece delivery system so you get the best possible vapor experience. They've also improved it cosmetically using top quality materials. The new shape allows you to stand the WISPR up and hold it anyway you choose. It even has a butane fuel level check so you know when its time to refill.

The WISPR2 is a quick start unit and will provide you with smooth and consistent flavor every time.
Maintaining an optimal vaporization temperature of 374° F / 190° C + - 5°, the WISPR Vaporizer utilizes a bi-metal regulator that is thermostatically controlled. An isolated chamber within the WISPR Vaporizer contains the catalytic conversion, this allows the butane to heat the unit to the optimal temperature. This all happens while expelling the butane as harmless water vapor through the escape ports.

2 year warranty

Due to iolites direct customer warranty requirement, we are not able to include the WISPR in our vaporizer exchange program.

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