Vapir Pen Vaporizer

Vapir (Air-2)


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The Vapir Pen is a sleek, affordable and portable device that allows for an exceptional vaping experience and may be used with both concentrate and wax substances. It features an ergonomic mouthpiece that leads to our deep chambers. With this device we have given you the ability to choose which atomizer you would like to use.

The device comes equipped with 2 atomizers; the Coil-less Ceramic Donut Atomizer with Ceramic Chamber and the Quartz Double-Rod Atomizer with Ceramic Chamber.

For a pleasant range of heating the temperature controlled battery allows for a range of 3pre-set temperatures. The Vapir Pen is also included a USB charging cord in the box that can be connected directly to the device.

● Direct USB Charging
● Ergonomic Mouthpiece
● Gunmetal Finish
● Quartz Rod, Titanium Double-Coil Atomizer w/ Ceramic Chamber
● Coil-less Ceramic Donut Atomizer w/ Ceramic Chamber
● Enhanced Airflow System (no clogging/ leaking)
● Deep Chamber (½ gram capacity)
● Temperature Controlled Battery (350°, 390°, 430°)
● Auto Shut Off after 10 Seconds
● 510 Threaded
● 1-Year Warranty (Battery)
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