VapeXhale Water Mini HydraBase



The HydraBase™  Mini Octa Edition is a second generation HydraFoot that increases the functionality and modularity of your EVO collection.

This special HydraBase™ features a Sprinkler Perc that is one of the most sought after filtration styles in the industry for it's beautiful appearance and effortlessly airy aesthetics. Adding a second layer of intricate diffusion, in addition to improving the overall balance of your HydraTube, this advanced percolation system forces aromas through H20 in the form of many small pockets of air that bounce against the walls of the glass and increases filtration with a chugging punch. HydraBases are one of our most sought after accessories for their beauty, functionality and versatility.

We highly encourage ALL EVO enthusiasts to expand their collection to the highest level. Take a climb to the top of "Perc-Mountain" and enjoy a refreshing sip of soothing aromatherapy.

Please note that in order to utilize the HydraBase™ with the EVO you must use the Vapexhale 18mm female to 18mm male adapter kit .
Here is how to use the HydraBase™ with the EVO Adapter Kit:

Step 1: Insert filled basket or tube into the top of the EVO

Step 2: Place the hose end with the 18mm female adapter on top of the EVO

Step 3: Insert the other hose end with the 14mm male adapter into the arm of the HydraBase

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