VapeXhale Water HydraTube


$199.99 $239.99


THE HONEYCOMB: DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM DIFFUSION. features the gridded barrel of the VapeXhale Turbine™ with an added HoneyComb diffuser that creates smooth, rich vapor. Want the smoothest vapor on the planet? This HydraTube™ is the one for you.

THE TURBINE: DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM FLAVOR - features a gridded barrel percolator that spins the water as you inhale, creating a very visually stimulating experience with very little loss of flavor. Want the tastiest vapor on the planet? This HydraTube is the right one for you.

THE HYDRABOMB: DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM FLOW - features one of the most beautiful percolators in existence (it's like a crystal grenade) that provides the least amount of restriction and superior flow. Want to hit the EVO™ with style and ease? This HydraTube™ is the one for you. Logo may vary.

All of our glass is hand made by a glass artisan. While we do try and make each piece as consistently as possible, because each one is hand-made, you may see a slight variation from unit to unit.

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