Twist of Wild Mint Herbal Blend

Harmony Herbals

10 grams of Organic Wild Mint Herbal Vaporizer Blend.
Produces 20-30 servings at 0.25-0.5 grams per use.

5 grams of Organic Wild Mint Herbal Vaporizer Blend.
Produces 10-15 servings at 0.25-.05 grams per use.

Wild Mint: Refresh and uplift yourself with this unique blend of Organic Spearmint, Mullein and Damiana. Mullein was traditionally used in herbal medicine to be cleansing and repairing to the lungs and is great for coughs and other lung complaints, including helping to rejuvenate the lungs from the negative effects of tobacco and tar build-up. Spearmint helps open the lungs and stimulates blood flow and digestion, leaving you feeling more awake, alive and uplifted. It can help ease nausea, tension headaches and congestion. Last but not least, Damiana is our favorite herb for vaporizing and smoking because of it’s beautiful flavor, smooth smoke or vapor, and it’s effects on the mind and body. It’s relaxing effects help dispel stress, anxiety and tension while balancing the mood and helping you feel more happy, connected and creative.

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