Sutra Mini 3in1 Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Sutra Mini by Sutra Vape is a convection vaporizer, engineered to vape dry herbs and concentrates with ease. A small but powerful device that boasts precision temperature control, construction from high-grade materials, and a compact design that makes this one of the smallest vaporizers of its kind.

The Sutra Mini Vaporizer comes with:
    1 x cleaning brush
    1 x silicon cap
    1 x quarts cup
    1 x tweezers
    1 x dab tool
    1 x USB charger
    1 x user manual

Key Features
    Available in Black
    Delivery method: Direct draw
    Dimension: 3” Tall by 1” Wide
    Power:Built-In (1600mAh Li-Polymer)
    Manual Temperature control
    Fast Heat up time
    Stainless Steel and Quartz
    Accessories:Various accessories included
    Manufacturer Sutra Vape
    Warranty: 1 year


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