SOURCE nail XL Premium Kit Portable eNail & Vape Pen


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SOURCE nail XL the best way to Experience True Taste with cooling water filtration, and options unlike any other Portable eNail on the market. With 3 different SOURCE nail atomizers included, you can pick between Titanium, Ceramic, or Quartz for the perfect taste.

SOURCE nail XL is the only eNail that also works flawless with the atomizers from the rest of the SOURCEvapes line. Want to finish a hit from you SOURCE orb 4 on your bubbler, just pop it right in.

    3 Premium Glass Designs Available
    Split Glass Bubbler - Better Airflow; Works w/ 18mm Water Pipes
    Magnetic Carb Cap & Tool w/ Grade 2 Titanium Tip
    Temperature Control Compatible
    Only eRig that works with 20+ Different atomizers
    Only eRig that works as both a Portable eNail and a Vape Pen
    3 Nails (10mm) Included (Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz)
    USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 2 Titanium
    USA Lab-Certified Food-Grade Ceramic
    Only eRig with a Hidden Built-in Silicone Container
    510 threaded
    Works with 3 Series, 4 Series, and XL Series atomizers
    Revolutionary Easy-to-clean removable coil-less buckets
    Registered Patents
    Note: Magnetic Carb Cap only works with 4 Series atomizers
    1x SOURCE nail XL Attachment
    1x SOURCE nail XL Split-Glass bubbler
    1x SOURCE nail XL glass globe
    3x 4 Series Atomizers
    1x SOURCE nail XL Premium battery w/ Container (900mah)
    1x Magnetic Carb Cap & Tool

    1x 4 Series SOURCE nail (10mm) Titanium (Removable Bucket)
    1x 4 Series SOURCE nail (10mm) Ceramic (Removable Bucket)
    1x 4 Series SOURCE nail (10mm) Quartz (Removable Bucket)

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